Time Fast II

Reference: Time Fast II Blue

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Limited Edition: 99 pieces
Case: aluminum, AC Cobra blue
Size: 45cm long x 18.9cm wide x 12cm high; weighing 4.7 kg
Movement: hand-wound, made in-house
Function: engine features moving pistons, time display set by rotating the steering wheel
Power Reserve: approximately eight days
Factory Warranty: two years


Time Fast II, L’Epée’s second car-inspired clock, channels the design of race cars made in the 1960s, a golden era of long-distance automotive competition.

Its name, Time Fast II, refers to the fact that it’s a two-seater car and has two movements - one for time and the other for the engine automate.

Time Fast II features two independent movements, both with their own power source. The first movement is in the cockpit and is responsible for keeping the time. Hours and minutes are displayed by rotating stainless steel disks on the air filters feeding the dual carburetor banks on top of the engine. The 8-day movement is regulated by a visible 2.5 Hertz escapement in the "driver’s helmet’ and powered by a mainspring visible in the passenger’s “seat.”

The second movement powers the engine automat. Turning the dashboard key starts the engine, triggering the pistons of the V-8 to go up and down. This animation is completely independent of the time movement.