Urwerk UR-120 Space Black wristshot
Urwerk UR-120 Space Black wristshot

Urwerk Embraces Darkness with the UR-120 Space Black

The Urwerk UR-120 is a black cosmic creation that fuses advanced technology, celestial inspiration, and a touch of science fiction, captivating horological enthusiasts across the galaxies. Let’s dive into the UR-120 Space Black!

Martin Frei explains: “The UR-120 Space Black is all about the power of black in design. The use of black not only exudes elegance but also fundamentally transforms our perception of the object. Black works its magic by subtly distorting our judgments of size, while intensifying the watch's contours to create a truly mesmerizing effect.”

Urwerk UR-120 Space Black dial

This UR-120 is a beautiful demonstration of ergonomic ingenuity, combining form and function in perfect harmony with its 44 x 47 x 15.8mm (L x W x H) dimensions. With the upper part of the case seamlessly smooth, devoid of any screws, the UR-120 features a flawless silhouette.

To tell time, the UR-120 features a new revolving satellite complication: analog minutes and a never-seen-before split open digital hour satellite mounted on planetary gears. This particular hour satellite morphs into the form of a V-shaped open hand. This time indication rotates on its own axis, split open to unveil its secrets smoothly.

Urwerk UR-120 Space Black macro dial

Powered by the caliber UR-20.01, the UR-120 harnesses the energy of the stars within its intricate mechanism. The central carousel, equipped with three arms, gracefully carries the satellites that bear the hour markers on all four sides. As the satellite traverses the minute track, it reaches the left part of the case, setting in motion a sequence of movements. The satellite splits open, revealing two rectangular studs. They take on a V-shape, reminiscent of the Vulcan salute. Once separated, both studs spin on their own axis and shut, all in order to display the new hour unit.

There is a triple revolution taking place under the hood of this spacecraft: the satellite-bearing carousel spins on a central axis, each satellite counter-spins in order to remain upright and therefore readable and each stud spins on its own axis.

Urwerk UR-120 Space Black lume

Felix Baumgartner, co-founder and master watchmaker of Urwerk, expresses his enthusiasm about the extraordinary challenges faced during the development of the UR-120: “On the part alone governing the partition of our satellite time, there are more than 175 components. These intricated parts meticulously crafted with our CNC machines, rock and roll with micron-level exactitude. This 'Vulcan salute' complication we dreamt of and created is synonymous with live long and prosper still it cost us a few hours of our lives and quite some stress, but the result is definitely worthy of our efforts. This achievement is nothing short of spectacular!"

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Urwerk UR-120 Space Black wristshot


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