Oris Coulson Limited Edition orange dial
Oris Coulson Limited Edition orange dial

Oris Brings the Heat with Coulson Limited Edition

Oris is working on a number of fronts to bring Change for the Better to the planet and its people. The Swiss firm is now independently certified as a climate neutral company and is working with pioneering agencies to bring change that will make this world a better place.

In that light, Oris announces a new partnership with Coulson Aviation, the world’s leading aerial firefighting organization. Based in Canada, the family-run independent company sends pilots, planes, and equipment to areas of the world affected by wildfires. In the Northern Hemisphere summer, that’s chiefly the U.S. and California; during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer, its resources are split between Australia and South America. The vision: to crush fires and assist firefighters on the ground, and to protect life and the environment.

Oris Coulson Limited Edition in flight

Coulson Aviation was founded in 1960 by Cliff Coulson as a logging company, but under the leadership of his son Wayne, it has diversified over the past four decades, chiefly in the area of aerial firefighting, using proprietary technology and innovation to bring effective relief in time-sensitive emergencies.

Now led by Wayne and his sons Britton and Foster, the company lives by two questions that echo in the corridors or Oris’s Hölstein factory, too: “How can we help the most, and how can we do it better?”

Oris ProPilot Coulson Limited Edition

To mark this important partnership between Oris and Coulson Aviation, Oris has created a watch based on the Big Crown ProPilot and inspired by the innovation and daring spirit of the two independent companies.

Its most striking feature is its fiery, gradient orange dial, a clear symbol of the perilous environments Coulson’s brave pilots rush towards while most are obliged to turn away.

Surrounding it is a carbon fiber case produced using an innovative, patented 3D printing process never seen before in watchmaking. Devised by Switzerland’s prestigious ETH Zurich university (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), it prints carbon fiber and a high-grade polymer developed in aerospace called PEKK simultaneously, weaving them together to create an ultra-lightweight, extremely rigid material. The process is so precise that you can fix the material’s pattern, where typically carbon fiber watch cases are random.

Oris luxury watch Coulson Limited Edition caseback

Completing the high-tech, lightweight profile are a grey-PVD-plated titanium fixed bezel, screw-down crown, and caseback, and a black textile strap. The watch, movement included, weighs just 65 grams. Inside it is Oris’s equally innovative, highly anti-magnetic five-day automatic Caliber 400. Only 1,000 pieces will be made.

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