Arnold & Son Luna Magna Ultimate 1
Arnold & Son Luna Magna Ultimate 1

Arnold & Son's Luna Magna Ultimate 1 Lives Up to Its Name

The first chapter of the Luna Magna Ultimate series from Arnold & Son illustrates light, astronomical precision and the truly exceptional. The eye-catching blue is a layer of ruthenium crystals while the shimmering dial is made of white opal. The bezel is set with baguette-cut diamonds. For the final touch, its three-dimensional moon is paved with blue sapphires and diamonds.

After presenting the Luna Magna, Arnold & Son set out to create a series of high-end jewelry interpretations of its three-dimensional moon model. In addition to the technical feat of placing a mechanical star measuring 12mm inside a watch, this piece displays superlative jewel-setting ability, both in the stones and techniques used. With paved and invisibly set precious stones, Arnold & Son have applied their exceptional know-how to creating eight Luna Magna Ultimate I watches. Poetic and rare, they reveal an outstanding level of detail.

Arnold & Son Luna Magna Ultimate 1

High Altitude

Only the most precious materials are used in the Luna Magna Ultimate I limited series. The case, measuring 44mm in diameter, is made of white gold and set with 7.62 carats of the highest quality diamonds. These include 20 baguette-cut diamonds on the case’s lugs, cut one by one to fit the unique shape of each mount.

White Orbit

A fine ring resembling the ring around Saturn constitutes the bezel, orbiting the Luna Magna Ultimate I case. It contains 112 baguette-cut diamonds totaling 5.90 carats. Light can enter freely, just as it would an open prism, thanks to the dual-row invisible setting which allows for radiance beyond compare.

Blanket of Blue

The material used to make the watch face itself is just as exceptional, owing to its rarity. Hundreds of pure ruthenium crystals make up that sparkling blue façade. This extremely hard metal belongs to the platinum group, which means they are found together in the same ore. Separating them is a complex process that makes ruthenium 10-times rarer. Here, it has been reshaped into crystals which are placed on the face plate before being blued.

Iridescent Display

Within the circle of blue radiance lies a dial in the conventional sense, featuring 12 Roman numeral markings, the Arnold & Son signature and the hands. This off-center subdial owes its delicate color to white opal, and its finesse befits a piece of the finest jewelry such as the Luna Magna Ultimate I.

Arnold & Son Luna Magna Ultimate 1

Double Hemisphere

Beneath the timepiece, the three-dimensional moon is the standout feature of the Luna Magna watches. Gem-setting of the utmost intricacy coats the entire white gold sphere. It is divided into 161 brilliant-cut diamonds for daytime and as many blue sapphires for night-time. The line between the two colors is a ripple of blue and white along the outline of the stones.


The Luna Magna Ultimate I is made with the A&S1021 caliber, which is entirely developed, manufactured, assembled, and adjusted in-house at Arnold & Son. This hand-wound caliber, designed around the lunar globe, has a power reserve of 90 hours and a regulating organ at a frequency of 3 Hz. As for the caseback, the movement provides a second display for the lunar phase, featuring easy-to-read graduations for utmost precision when correcting the lunar globe.


The sophistication of this celestial mechanism also lies in its astronomical accuracy. The length of a full moon cycle is 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 2.8 seconds. Arnold & Son has produced a likeness such that it would take 122 years for the movement to accrue a one-day interval between the watch display and the true celestial cycle. Nevertheless, this error is easy to correct given that the lunar function on the Luna Magna Ultimate I is directly accessible from the crown. Arnold & Son’s complete mastery of the watchmaking process allows for this practical touch.

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