Arnold & Son Ultra-Thin Tourbillon rose gold case blue dial
Arnold & Son Ultra-Thin Tourbillon rose gold case blue dial

Arnold & Son Reaches for the Stars with New Ultra-Thin Tourbillons

Arnold & Son introduces two new versions of its Ultra-Thin Tourbillon. They feature a new type of dial with tinted gold and aluminum sparkles to match their precious cases, which have also been redesigned. In rose gold or platinum, the cases are just 8.3mm thick beneath their domed sapphire crystals.

The offset display and the tourbillon aperture echo the way in which information was arranged on John Arnold’s marine chronometers. After reworking the structure and appearance of the rotating regulating organ, the power reserve now lasts at least 100 hours – an outstanding and noteworthy performance for an ultra-thin tourbillon timepiece.

To give the Ultra-Thin Tourbillon a new unique and refined design, Arnold & Son has focused on materials and techniques that highlight the precious appearance of this finely honed tourbillon. The 41.5mm cases in rose gold or platinum have been redesigned, making them even slimmer and more refined. The bezels have been reduced to a fine metal band, the sapphire crystals are domed, and the transparent casebacks have been screwed down.

Beneath the Stars

Arnold & Son has used a new manufacturing technique known as Cosmic Grené on the dials. This name makes direct reference to stargazing, as stars are essential guides for navigating at sea along with marine chronometers (of which John Arnold was one of the largest and most reputable suppliers).

Gold powder mixed with aluminum sparkles has been placed on the dial plate to create a lightly sandblasted surface. This is then colored: blue for the Ultra-Thin Tourbillon in rose gold, and green for the platinum version. Due to the complex manufacturing methods involved, these dials are subtle and finely textured, with a discreet luster.

Arnold & Son Ultra-Thin Toubillon platinum green

Latest-Generation Carriage

At the heart of the Ultra-Thin Tourbillon lies the A&S8300 caliber, whose architecture and finesse characterize this collection. At just 2.97mm thick, this tourbillon with extremely refined finishes is one of the slimmest ever designed.

The highest point of the A&S8300 caliber is located on the top of the tourbillon carriage, which has also been redesigned and undergone significant changes in relation to its predecessors. It features a variable-inertia balance with inertia blocks to ensure more stable calibration over time.

The redesigned tourbillon carriage echoes the leading role John Arnold played in marine exploration during the 18th century. Its triangular shape evokes a sextant, while its double-arrow counterpoise represents an anchor. The point in the middle serves as a seconds marker, as the carriage completes a full rotation in one minute.

Arnold & Son Ultra-Thin Tourbillon rose gold caseback view

Golden Time

The back of the Ultra-Thin Tourbillon reveals a new rear tourbillon bridge in yellow gold that matches the gear train and stands out from the appearance of the rest of the caliber.

Modifications to the tourbillon carriage and regulating organ have increased the power reserve of the A&S8300 caliber, which now lasts at least 100 hours. This long power reserve meets the performance standards of Arnold & Son calibers.

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