NATO Watch Strap

Reference: 6083686204

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Material: Cordura
Color: grey

Jean Rousseau NATO straps are flat, one-piece watch straps that are 1.8mm thick the entire length of the strap. They will fit on any watch that has at least 1.8mm of space between the case and spring bar. These straps have no stitching, a turned edge, and are fully lined in leather. This special design allows the leather lining to be in direct contact with the skin, preventing any direct contact from the watch case. Additionally, Jean Rousseau NATO straps can be easily changed by the wearer and work particularly well with chronograph watches.

Originally developed for the British Ministry of Defence, the NATO strap became widely known as the strap worn by James Bond, Ian Fleming’s legendary British Secret Service agent.

Made in France, Jean Rousseau NATO straps are available in 22mm, 21mm, 20mm, 19mm and 18mm widths and can be made to measure. They offer a beautiful, wide range of colors and materials for these watch straps – including technical fabric, leather, and even alligator – for a particularly sophisticated look.