Classic Watch Strap 3.5
Pineapple - Paprika

Reference: 5904109003

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Material: pineapple
Color: paprika

The Jean Rousseau Classic 3.5 model watch strap is slightly padded, with stitching and a cut edge.

The padding is 3.5mm thick at the watch case, tapering to 2.5mm at the pinholes. This model will suit a majority of watches.

In 2014, true to its values and ethics, Maison Jean Rousseau created its 100% Non-Leather Collection to fulfill an increasing number of clients’ requests for pieces made without materials of animal origin.

While maintaining the classic look and fabrication of its products, through this new collection Jean Rousseau showcases innovative materials rarely used in the world of luxury leather goods today: different types of cork and wood, chosen according to their lightness and flexibility, or even a state-of-the-art, highly durable carbon fiber.

This strap style can also be made out of all of Jean Rousseau’s leathers, skins, and technical materials, except silk or satin.