Angelus Gold Carbon Flying Tourbillon
Angelus Gold Carbon Flying Tourbillon

Angelus Welcomes the Gold and Carbon Flying Tourbillon

In addition to its technicality, the Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon presents precious materials and finishes. A sports watch with a flying tourbillon, this limited edition of 18 pieces is housed within a sharp new 42.5mm diameter case in carbon composite and rose gold. The A-250 caliber gives it a three-dimensional skeletonized look with its array of bridges in relief. Their graphic arrangement is much like the horological performance of this Angelus tourbillon: simply exceptional.

Angelus Gold Carbon Flying Tourbillon

The Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon leads a new generation of Angelus cases. Its sleek and dynamic lines are befitting of the extreme technicality of this supremely graphic timepiece. The rose gold crown with wide notches has a rubber insert for improved grip and is protected by an asymmetrical guard projecting from the lugs. The crenellated bezel presents Angelus’ signature slight angular grooves. Meanwhile, the A-250 skeletonized flying tourbillon caliber is surrounded by an ultra-rigid and ultralight carbon composite container. It is held within a rose gold case middle, which reveals another kind of skeletonization and serves as an openworked vehicle for an openworked movement. To complete the overall effect, the Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon comes with a black ballistic-style rubber strap, featuring an interchangeable system and a rose gold and titanium folding clasp.


The bridges of the Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon form its face. In the absence of a dial, these components play an expressive role in any skeleton movement. And since the main plate of the A-250 caliber is made from woven carbon composite, it is black, accentuating the contrasting rose gold bridges. Their volume is also emphasized by their placement above the carbon, arranged in pivotal positions on a higher level.

Angelus Gold Carbon Flying Tourbillon wristshot


The bridges are hollowed out, as are the arms of the wheels. The aim of this skeletonization is to reduce the physical weight of the piece and to lighten the aesthetic impression. After being pared down, these miniature sculptures are chamfered by hand along all their edges. Their flat surface, measuring less than half a millimeter across, then undergoes careful horizontal satin-brushing to give a matte finish. To put the final flourish on these bridges, Angelus has attached them to the main plate using Angelus screws with a proprietary head.


While the Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon has no dial, it does have a flange. This component, which marks the transition between bezel and watch interior, is finished with a matte-black PVD treatment. It is then graduated with sets of five increments, separated by three-dimensional white gold hour-markers filled with a luminescent substance. Since this flange is placed level with the bezel, it creates a sunken effect that accentuates the feeling of depth in the A-250 caliber.

Angelus Gold Carbon Flying Tourbillon top view


The star of this Angelus’ multi-level display is the tourbillon. It is situated at 6 o’clock, next to a bridge that does not hold it in place and instead supports the first wheel in the gear train. The tourbillon is only fixed in place from below, making it a flying tourbillon. It is attached directly to the carbon main plate, which is pierced in this spot to give a transparent effect, accentuating the sense of levitation and highlighting the tourbillon’s rotation. Meanwhile, the balance oscillating within it also has a pared-down construction. Instead of being a ring like most balances, it is a cut, non-circular flywheel. Lighter and more efficient in terms of drag, it further enhances the innate timekeeping performance of an Angelus tourbillon.

Spectacular Display

The workings are housed within a vast sapphire crystal glass box. This transparent component is angled – almost vertically where it touches the bezel – to provide a large, flat surface for the Gold & Carbon Flying Tourbillon’s spectacular display: ethereal, technical, graphic, and very Angelus.

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Angelus Gold Carbon Flying Tourbillon


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